BINGO Update

Well, we’re two weeks into summer and I’ve got two blocks on my Summer Reading BINGO filled in already.


I took care of Historical Fiction with a great new (to our library) graphic novel called Marathon. It’s about Eucles, the Greek messenger who ran from Athens to Sparta to Marathon, trying to get Spartan support in the fight against the Persians. And then after the battle, he ran the famed 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to tell of the victory over the Persians (and prevent further Persian attacks on the city). I sometimes had trouble telling the characters apart (they were all angry looking guys with beards and helmets), but overall, it was a great story. I knew about the last leg of Eucles’s journey, but didn’t know about the 153 miles he ran prior to that. I’m so glad they don’t include those miles in the modern day marathons…26.2 is more than enough for me.


For my “book about animals” I read The One and Only Ivan. What a GREAT book! It’s about a gorilla who lives in a mall circus. His “family” includes Stella, the elephant in the circus, Julia, the artistic daughter of the “groundskeeper,” and Bob, a homeless-by-choice dog. Life is okay and Ivan enjoys his art until the day Ruby, a baby elephant, joins their family. Ivan starts to see things differently when he looks at Ruby. And he finds a way to use his art to create a better life for all of them. This book won the Newbery Award this year and rightfully so!

So, two spaces down. They’re not even in the same row. I’m not very good at BINGO. How’s your reading going?


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