More Spring Break Books

More suggestions for those spring break reading lists.

I had the opportunity to meet Victoria Scwab, author of The Archived a few weeks ago at Children’s Book World. She is a very cool person and the idea behind this book grabbed me (and my friend Rachee who is also a librarian) right away. “The Archived” refers to dead folks. In this story, the dead are cataloged and shelved in a special library and called Histories. Keepers are charged with finding Histories who have escaped and are wandering about in the world. Mac follows in her grandfather’s footsteps and takes a job as a Keeper.
I found this fun booktrailer done as part of an English class.

Sometimes going into the family business is great. But if your dad is “The Artist,” the world’s most notorious serial killer, you probably aren’t looking to follow his lead. In Barry Lyga’s I Hunt Killers, Jazz wants to make it clear to everyone that he is not his father’s son. So when someone comes to town and starts recreating The Artist’s killings, Jazz is quick to offer his help to the police, who sometimes appreciate it, and sometimes aren’t sure what to make of Jazz’s interest. I read this book recently in one sitting. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.


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