Winter Reading Day 5: Faeries and Cheese

Today’s suggestions have nothing whatsoever in common, except they are both brand new books to the library.

Holly Black, one of the masterminds behind yesterday’s Zombies Vs. Unicorns, has written a trilogy of faery stories. The third one, Ironside, follows Kaye, a pixie, who has been sent on an impossible to quest: to find a faery who can lie, a creature that should not exist. The story involves a faery coronotation, a plot to steal the throne, changelings (faeries left in place of human children), and a game of wits and weapons.



In The Brain Full of Holes, the World’s Greatest Detective Theophilus Nero Hercule Sherlock Wimsy Father Brown Marlowe Spade Christie Edgar Allen Brain (aka The Brain) is on the case to figure out where the holes in the Swiss cheese have gone.



One response to “Winter Reading Day 5: Faeries and Cheese

  1. Hi All, I’m looking forward to reading “Ironside.” I loved Holly Black’s earlier novel “Tithe.”

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