Aye there, mateys!

So, my initials are actually ARG, so it’s only natural that I love Talk Like a Pirate Day! Plus, it’s a fun little diversion at the beginning of the school year. So, for today, here are a few websites providing information about pirates.

National Geographic has a great Pirate High Seas Adventure and information about the Whydah Pirates.

The Library of Congress has a paper on America’s experience with the Barbary Pirates.

Want to know about pirate women? The History Channel has that info for you.

And as much fun as it is to talk like a pirate, change our Facebook language to Pirate English, and watch Johnny Depp do battle on the high seas, real pirates are still out there and a serious issue. Time magazine has a photo essay about modern pirates.

There are plenty of pirate stories up here in the library. Come on up and I’ll point you in the right direction.


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