An “Airplane” Moment

So, I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie Airplane, but one of the running jokes throughout the movie is that characters say things like, “I picked the wrong week to quit smoking,” or “I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.” So, my Airplane moment is that I kept thinking, “I picked the wrong week to listen to a book about bizarre weather and the end of the world.” I just finished Life as We Knew It. It’s all about what happens when an asteroid knocks the moon too close to the earth. One of the things that happens is that the weather goes crazy, volcanoes erupt all over the world, winter starts in September, freak snow storms, etc. Not the book to be reading (or listening to) during the week when the Philadelphia area experiences both an earthquake and a hurricane. With all of the folks on TV hyping how bad the hurricane was going to be, I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t going to be as bad as it was for Miranda and her family in the book. That said, it’s a great book, and I’ll definitely be recommending it to some of you when you come asking for something to read. I can’t wait to start the second book, The Dead and the Gone.


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