Summer Reading Challenge 2011

It’s really easy to set goals. It’s really hard, sometimes, to keep to them. I have found that making a public declaration of my goal often helps keep me honest. for example, when I decided to run my first marathon, I registered and then promptly told all of my Facebook friends that I had done it. That way, I had to finish the marathon or risk public humiliation.

Each summer, I set out with great intentions thinking of all of the books I’m going to read. I make a big list. I take a bunch home with me at the end of school. I make a big “wish list” on my public library account.

And then the inevitable happens.

I spend most nights watching reruns of NCIS and Bones.

Not this summer! I am publicly declaring my intention to read at least a book a week (and to listen to a few more). And I’m posting it here so that I am accountable for it.

So, you know where this is leading, right? I’d like to challenge you all to come up with a summer reading goal. Make it a book a week. A chapter a day. X number of pages a day. Whatever you want. Declare it in the comments section.

You’ll see there’s now a summer reading tab on the blog. Over there, I will post a form that you can fill out each week to tell me what you’re reading. Basic stuff: author, title, how many stars you’d give it, a funny line that’s in the book somewhere. And I’ll keep track of what we’re all reading and keep it posted there. (The form will be private to me…I’ll link your name to the book on the list only if you tell me it’s okay to do that.)

When we come back in September, I will have a plethora of prizes for everyone. Anyone who participates will be eligible for the “prize of participation.” Other prizes will include things like Most Books Read, Greatest Number of Pages Read, Funniest Title (this will be a tough one because I’ve already read I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President), and any number of other categories that your reading list inspires.

All books and reading materials qualify: graphic novels, magazines, whatever. The only condition I ask is that you not repeat books you’ve already read (I’m looking at you Twilight fans).

If you think you’ll need reminders to stay on track, let me know and I’ll send weekly emails to the email address of your choice reminding you to keep me posted. I may even throw a few trivia questions in the emails for extra prize opportunities.



8 responses to “Summer Reading Challenge 2011

  1. Yes, I would like a prize! I’ll read a bunch of books, too, and eschew reruns of The Good Wife and The Mentalist!

    Really, is there a summer reading list we can post? Thanks, Mrs. G!
    Your friend,
    Mrs. S.

  2. Christian K

    I’m currently reading Mocking Jay, the third and last book in the awesome Hunger Games series. I will also probably read the I am a Genius… book later on.

  3. Laura selinsky

    Hi All!
    My summer reading is off to a busy start. So far I’ve finished:
    1. “The Things They Carried” (again); 2. “The Ask and the Answer” (Chaos Wars- Book 2; I just got Book 3 from the library. It’s a great series for those who liked “The Hunger Games” and other dystopic novels); 3. “Gwynyefar” (Yup, eccentric spelling). And I’m on disc 9 of 18 in “Lady’s Maid” a novel about Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
    The novel I’m most eagerly anticipating is “Never Let Me Go”by Kazuo Ishaguro, which is on my desk waiting for a day when I can concentrate on it, not drag it on errands.
    Bye, my dears! Mrs. Selinsky

  4. hilltopfaculty

    Oh, Mrs. Selinsky, I cannot wait until you get your chance to read “Never Let Me Go.” I read it last summer and have wanted to talk to someone about it for almost a year now!!

  5. Hi Everyone! I just finished reading “Then Came You” by Jennifer Weiner; it was great and in typical Weiner style a heartfelt twist at the end. I am currently reading “Maine” by J. Courtney Sullivan. Like Mrs. Gillespie, it’s so delicious that I don’t know if I want to savor it or finish it in a day!

  6. Just started reading “The Hunger Games” …..oh my! I can’t put it down. Can’t wait to discuss it. I’m just at the part where Katniss (Catnip!) has been primed and about to have her intervew and then go in to the actual games. I fear for her and will hope for the best outcome. Can’t wait to go home and read!!

  7. Mrs. Selinsky

    Hi Mrs. Neft,
    I read “The Hunger Games” a few years ago- Jacob Lipton came into my room and tossed it on my desk, insisting that I read it RIGHT NOW because it was the BEST BOOK he ever read. Although I found that Jacob’s referral did contain dangerous levels of hyperbole, the book was lots of fun and a really quick read. I am looking forward to the film.
    Mrs. Selinsky

  8. Well I read Farenheight 451 and The Martian Chronicles By Ray Bradbury, (of course) the Things They Carried, The Prince, This is a Book by Demitri Martin, Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris, the Three Thebian Plays, the Shaddow over Innsmouth by HP lovecraft, A. Gordon Pym, and City Of Glass by Paul Auster.
    if I included comics the list would probobly take up a good portion of the page

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